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      BEIJING - China, which boasts epochal inventions in ancient times, has once again demonstrated its ability to change the world with its 'new four great inventions': high-speed railways, electronic payments, shared bicycles and online shopping.
     The four innovative ways of life were most appealing to youths from 20 countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, to a survey by the Belt and Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University.
     北京外国语大学 “一带一路”研究所的一项调查显示,这四种创新的生活方式对参加“一带一路”的20个国家的年轻人最具吸引力。
     The ’new four great inventions’ are all related to China’s high-tech innovation, which improved the quality of people’s lives, said Wu Hao, executive director of the BRRI.
      I can buy and eat whatever I want simply with a fingertip on my phone, said Lin Jinlong, an overseas Chinese student from Cambodia, Alipay .
     We can also order food at home, which is super convenient. If I were at home in Cambodia, I would have to go outdoors.
     The bikes themselves are not new, but the operating model of bike-sharing is based on satellite navigation system, mobile payment, big data and other high technologies.
      model of bike-sharing which incorporates those technologies, and are entering overseas markets such as Singapore and Britain.
     China has entered a new innovative era, thanks to the large amounts of capital China has invested in encouraging innovation, said Bernhard Schwartlander, Representative in China.
     As a huge fan of bicycles, he also expressed his affection for China’s shared bicycles, saying that 'shared bikes are bringing cycling back to people’s lives ... and they are making public transport more attractive and convenient, and encouraging people to be more active.'
      Fannin, founder and editor of Silicon Dragon, noted that China is beginning to lead in innovation in some ways.
     It is increasingly clear that China is innovating and no longer copying Western ideas. This is especially true in mobile, where China is leading in many ways such as ... social messaging app WeChat, she said.
      China sk in the world.
     Yoneyama Haruko, Center of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, said Chinese people’, adding that Japan has been falling behind China in technological innovation for the past 10 years or so.
     Yoneyama Haruko,日本科学技术振兴机构的中国研究和交流中心专家,他表示,大量科技技术的应用使中国人们的生活变得越来越方便,并称日本已经落后于中国科技创新10年左右。
     With regard to the 'new four great inventions', Charlie Dai, Forrester, experience, boosting national and global economy at the same time.
     关于“新四大发明”,美国市场研究公司Forrester的首席分析师Charlie Dai说,这些产品和服务毫无疑问的提高了客户体验舒适度,同时也促进了国家和全球经济。
     Statistics show that technological progress contributed 56.2 percent to China’s economic growth in 2016.
     A growing number of foreigners hope to promote economic development in their home countries by highlighting the need for technological achievements like that of China.
     Lin cited his experience of traveling by Chinese high-speed train from Beijing to the coastal city of Tianjin more than 100 km away. The journey takes only half an hour, while in Cambodia, which has only two railways, such a journey may take up to three hours.
     As a Chinese saying goes, ’Building roads is the first step of getting rid of poverty’, and Cambodia can achieve faster economic growth by introducing Chinese high-speed trains, Lin said.
     Wu said Lin’s view appears to suggest that youths of countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative wish their home countries would emulate China in terms of technological achievements.